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Tax Solutions

Tax Controversies & Solutions
We can work with you to provide the optimum solutions for your IRS and local tax problems, whatever type or stage.  It is never too early, and rarely too late, to do something about problems with the IRS and other tax agencies that are affecting the quality of your life, or are threatening the success of your business.

These are some of the tax problems for which Serena Law, LLC can offer solutions of the highest quality and effectiveness:

    •    IRS audits for individuals and businesses, including employment tax and Form 1099-K business audits.
    •    “Final Notices of Intent to Levy” and Notices of Lien Filings.
    •    Trust Fund Employment Tax Problems, even if the IRS has already assessed the tax and begun collection.
    •    IRS Notices of Deficiency and appeals to the United States Tax Court.
    •    Unfiled Returns.
    •    Compromising your liability to what you can pay, not necessarily what the IRS or the State says you owe.
    •    Installment Agreements to work out a tax debt over time.
    •    Innocent Spouse relief.
    •    501 (c) Tax Exempt Organizations - Formation, Compliance and IRS EO Audits.

This list is by no means exhaustive.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a tax problem which we can help resolve.

Time May Be Of the Essence – Not all tax problems require an immediate response, although most are made better by acting as soon as possible.  However, some tax problems require immediate action if the taxpayer is to protect his or her rights.  If you have received a Final Notice of Intent to Levy for which you may have Collection Due Process rights, or a Notice of Deficiency following an IRS audit, you only have a limited, and strictly enforced, period of time to present your case, in a thorough and reasoned fashion, before the IRS assesses tax or seizes your wages or other  property.  Serena Law, LLC can act quickly to protect your rights with these and other tax problems.
And yet, it is rarely too late to improve the outcome.  Even where important rights are lost by not acting in time, there are, in most instances, things that can be done to divert a taxpayer from approaching disaster to a reasonable solution.  If Collection Due Process rights are lost, there may be time to seek an “Equivalent Hearing” to stop IRS levies or negotiate the amount you owe. Seeking an “audit reconsideration” or presenting the IRS with collection alternatives to a lien or levy may also be available alternatives even if you failed to act earlier.  The point here is that it is never too early, and rarely too late, to take effective action when faced with IRS or State tax demands.  The “trick” is to know what actions can be taken in any particular situation and to be able to do that without delay.
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